Mobile application

Application details

Mobile applicaton for services administration. See live demo
Application can be customised for your business purpose.

Why to choose us
  • Register

  • Login

  • Manage account and cars

  • See car services list

  • See service microsite

  • Schedule a car repair in a selected service

  • See all scheduled repairs

  • See all finished repairs

  • SOS find towing platform trucks

  • service microsite

  • service chat

  • specialisations (mechanical, electrical, aso)

  • specialisations activities scheduled

  • clients list

Mobile application: ReactJS/ ApacheCordoba/ Restful WS/ JSON

ADMIN web application: ReactJS/ RESTfull web service

Backend: Java/ SQL/ JDBC/ Postgresql

The ADMIN web application can be accessed in a browser from desktop/tablet /mobile. No installation is required

Screenshots of mobile application and ADMIN web application

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